Leaked : Jersey Shore's Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) Nude

For the first time ever Snooki's nude photos hit on the internet. Guys are saying Jersey Shore stars likes to remove their cloths specially when some cameras are around them. The 24 years old reality star naming Nicole Polizzi renowned as Snooki might won't love to see her these pics all over the internet.

Her representative claimed to E! News "Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not mean for the public. It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain."

After seeing the pics people are making such comments : "She took her pics on her iphone herself and threw over web for publicity"

One thing is for sure: Snooki will want to tone down her behavior once her baby arrives! Yeah she is pregnant now.

She is shooting her sixth season of Jersey Shore with first time pregnancy.

Pics are most probably taken in a hotel room.

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